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Our team specialises in connecting businesses with their network of skilled Kronos talent so that they can use Kronos to operate more efficiently.


Global clients are served by our Kronos Service Line. Contributing significantly both on-site and in the cloud. Time & Attendance, Leave Management, Activity Management, Advanced Scheduling, and Analytics end-to-end implementation and support. When it comes to contract workforce management, end-to-end business processes, bill verification, and master data upkeep, Dwellfox is unique in offering Kronos solutions.

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How our services benefit businesses

We help businesses improve their workforce management processes, increase efficiency, and improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

Enhanced Compliance

We provide tools to help organizations comply with labor laws and regulations. This can help reduce the risk of penalties and legal disputes.

Increased Efficiency

We can help automate time-consuming HR and payroll processes, such as data entry and scheduling. This can save businesses time and money and free up resources to focus on other important tasks.

Improved Employee Engagement

By streamlining HR processes, We can help improve employee engagement by reducing administrative burdens and increasing transparency in HR policies.

Improved Time and Attendance Management

We offer time and attendance management solutions that help organizations accurately track employee hours, monitor attendance, and manage schedules.

Better Workforce Planning

We offer workforce analytics and reporting tools that can help businesses make informed decisions about workforce planning, including scheduling, hiring, and training.

How do we work?

  • Assess the organization's workforce management needs
  • Identifying areas where current processes are inefficient
  • Identifying compliance risks
  • Evaluating current technology solutions.

  • Design a customized solution
  • Selecting software modules
  • Configuring the system

  • Data migration from existing systems
  • System testing
  • Training for end-users

  • Assist with the go-live process
  • Rolling out the new system to end-users

  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Software updates
  • Troubleshooting
  • User support

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