Dwellfox privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Dwellfox is an IT consulting and development organisation established in the United States with a diverse local and worldwide practise portfolio. We believe privacy is an important issue for any business,therefore we develop privacy policies and implement privacy measures to guarantee that clients may use our services with confidence.
We primarily prepared this privacy statement to explain our business practises to visitors. We want to make users aware of how we will gather and utilise their data when they surf our website. We are committed to our visitors and employ cutting-edge technology to ensure the security of their data.

This Privacy Policy describes user rights and obligations, as well as specifics regarding the personal information that we collect and how we use it. By using or accessing the website or providing us with personal information, you agree to the terms of this privacy statement.

1. User Data Collection

We will not gather any personal information from users who visit our website without their permission. After visitors give us their consent, we collect information including name, contact information, email address, location and so on through various channels based on the services they select.

2. User Activity Record

We endeavour to give our visitors the best possible user experience. As a result, when someone visits our website, we collect information about them. Furthermore, we keep track of every action taken by a visitor on our website. This covers the number of pages viewed by the user as well as the time spent on each page.

3. User Agreement with the Privacy Statement

Our privacy policy is confined to user permission, and by using our site or services, you implicitly agree to abide by it. When a user visits our website, they provide consent to Dwellfox.com. Users consent to letting us have your information if you abide by our privacy statement. Likewise, let us distribute the information however we see fit. The privacy statement is subject to periodic revision by Dwellfox. In order to see the updated website, please visit us frequently.

4. Why We collect User Data

We gather user data under security measures to guarantee that certain management has access to the information, which will be employed in order to provide improved user experiences.
Furthermore, the data assists in determining if the user is legitimate or fraudulent in order to avoid commercial frauds. Data is important in marketing since it allows businesses to Examine industry trends and requirements, Statistical surveys, client research, and client profiling.

5. How We Use User Data

Our privacy policy is formulated to ensure that user data handling follows secure rules and complies with data protection law. Our privacy policy is designed to guarantee that the treatment of user data adheres to secure procedures and conforms with data protection law.In order to offer our services to users, we must process their personal data. Following the user's acceptance of our policy's terms, we will handle data in line with our policy. Additionally, the user has the option to contact us at any time to withdraw their consent to the processing of their data.

6. Third Party Data Sharing

Our policy includes strict guidelines for disseminating data and exchanging it with third-party channels, with security measures only when absolutely necessary. If government-regulated agencies request it, we are required to divulge user data. Furthermore, our business associates are liable for providing services to them. Additionally, We are required to reveal user data in the event of a legal process within the scope of the secure method.

7. User protection protocol

In compliance with the Right Act, we can offer information to users on demand. We are obligated to deliver the document when users want access to their information. Additionally, users have the right to object to data processing at any time if they feel they may incur loss or damage as a result of it. Furthermore, users may seek restitution for violations of the law. At any point of time, users can seek for updating their information to avail our services.

8. Keeping Data Confidential

Dwellfox prioritises the implementation of robust data security measures in order to preserve maximum data confidentiality. In order to prevent exposure to risks, our security measures ensure that user data is not permitted to be accessed by any person or organisation. To provide better service, our databases are properly protected using cutting-edge technology. We make sure that no one, not even our clients, will divulge any information to increase your security.

9. Browser Cookie Collection

Our privacy policies enable us to gather cookies from website visitors' browsers. We planned to gather cookies in order to improve our visitors' usage experience. Please read on for more information about our cookie policy.

10. Please Contact Us

If you have any questions about our privacy policies, we are happy to answer them. You can contact Support for further information.