Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Dwellfox will assist the user in resolving any issues as part of our commitment to providing the top services to our customers.
In order to relieve our customers from the stress of making a full payment, we have designed our payment procedures to be installment-based.

Below mentioned is our installment criteria as per the policy

1st Installment - Signing the project/deal35% of the project cost
2nd Installment - After 1st project review35% of the project cost
3rd Installment - Before final project deliverFinal 30% of the project cost

We have a return policy in place for clients who need to cancel a project due to a problem, uncertainty, or emergency.

If a cancellation is reasonable due to something other than a service or project delivery concern, our staff will assist customers with refunds. You assent to our agreement when you sign the contract relating to our services or product development.

Below mentioned are the criteria in accordance to which we will accept cancellation & initiate your refund amount.

  • Cancellation Before __week/month

If you cancel your project ___before week or month or before the start of the project work, we will refund _% of project cost.

  • Cancellation between week/month

If a client wishes to cancel the project between the week/month before the first project delivery, then we will accept the project cancellation & will refund the rest of __% amount to the client.

  • Cancellation after second stage of delivery

If a client intends to cancel their project booking after the second phase of development , then there will be __ % cancellation charges & will refund the balance __% to the client.

If you have any query or face any challenges for the same, the get in touch with us at Sales email id or you can call us at contact number.